What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure service which allows any of your devices, including Phone, Tablet, Laptop, PC or Smart TV Box, no matter what operating system they run, to connect to different servers all over the world, run by the VPN provider so all data, travelling between your devices are securely encrypted.

You now have privacy hiding your internet activity from your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

You can geo spoof your location so services that are geo blocked are accessible, for example a Netflix account in Ireland will show a certain amount of content and once you connect to a US server you will receive content from that region that may not otherwise be available.

Protect your mobile devices against hackers when using public WiFi hotspots.

Allow P2P download in safety.

Fool cookies on websites, so for example if you are browsing flight prices online, the airline company will always think it is your first visit, cookies will not tell them you were browsing those particular flights already.

How does it work?

Always remember you have a dedicated IP address from your ISP, when you browse on the internet you always leave a trace, presently when you connect to the internet, you first connect to your ISP, they then connect you to any website you choose, because of this all your internet usage from your dedicated IP address will pass through your IPS servers, in turn your internet usage can be viewed by your ISP.

So when you turn on your VPN you connect to a server run by your VPN provider by an encrypted connection sometimes called a VPN tunnel.

What does this mean for you is all your internet data, travelling between your device and the VPN server is encrypted.

While all the above may seem complicated it is really simple to set up a VPN, just purchase the subscription from either of the VPN supplier we recommend, you will be given a username and password.

Just click on the app from the "Google Play Store" which will be on the box and download the VPN app to your device. Open the VPN app and login using the credentials you were sent from the VPN provider. Once signed in, pick a server in whatever country of your choosing and click to connect.

Your IP address will then change to a server in that country masking your true identity.